Established in 2016, NX Fusion™ caters to all-time gaming fanatics who have an appreciation for streetwear fashion. Our brand was created with the sole purpose of bringing cutting-edge products to the gaming community.


With the vision of modernizing gamer apparel, NX Fusion™ seeks to create original designs that reflect one's passion for gaming and all things geek -- but with a fashionable, understated edge. Too often we come across gamer apparel that we can relate to but wouldn't necessarily wear outside the house. Because of this, NX Fusion™ was born -- providing gamers with apparel that they'll be proud to wear. Those in the gaming community will appreciate the subtle references mentioned on our pieces. For others who are not familiar with such, the clothing speaks for itself: simple, cool, and stylish. 


We hope to enrich the gaming community by providing easy-to-wear apparel with graphics that reflect all things geek and game-related. 

Comfort and fit are important to us. Here at NX Fusion™, we understand the importance of having clothing pieces that can be worn on a daily basis. Our unisex clothing brand is designed to fit comfortably, allowing gamers and tech enthusiasts to enjoy doing what they love while wearing apparel that reflects those passions.

For more information about our brand, please contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!